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Joan Soltys/The Whidbey Examiner
Linda Riley, left, a psychotherapist practicing in Greenbank, will talk about ThetaHealing with Freeland chiropractor Craig Weinston in a "Transformational Dialogue" on Tuesday, Jan. 29.
Seminar series explores alternative healing

By Joan Soltys
Examiner Staff Writer

Non-traditional and non-Western approaches to healing have been part of the public's awareness for the last several decades. Many of them, such as acupuncture and naturopathy, are becoming almost part of the mainstream of healing techniques.

But there is a much broader spectrum of alternative health practices that are unfamiliar to most people, but that have dedicated followers and practitioners.

Craig Weinston, owner of The Chiropractic Zone in Freeland, has organized a series of what he calls "Transformational Dialogues;" presentations that introduce many of the more esoteric and less-known methods of healing.

"There is a tremendous thirst for innovative approaches in the arena of our well-being," Weinston said. "Books and movies thrive when presenting information on quantum physics-based understanding and methods that offer alternative paradigms on healing."

The monthly series of 90-minute dialogues, which began in 2007, gives an overview of practices people may not know about that are focused on ways they can heal themselves, from hands-on to energetic healing, Weinston said.

"They can look at these methods, find out more about them and explore different pathways of self-healing," he said.

The series continues this winter with speakers on topics that include ThetaHealing, therapeutic touch, holistic medicine and Kirlian energy photography. Each presentation is offered at no charge, and any donations offered are given to various Whidbey Island charitable and nonprofit organizations, including FETCH (Free Exercise Time for Canines and Humans), WISH (Whidbey Island Share a Home), Good Cheer food bank and Whidbey Environmental Action Network.

The speakers all practice on the island, and Weinston moderates the series. The sessions take place from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Chiropractic Zone office in Freeland. Registration is requested at 360-331-5565.

Linda Riley, M.A., L.M.F.T., a Greenbank transpersonal psychotherapist, will talk about the ThetaHealing technique she uses in her practice in the dialogue on Jan. 29. Riley describes ThetaHealing as "a process that assists in the releasing of old belief patterns...to allow a deeper relationship with ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience."

The second presenter, on Feb. 26, will be Cathy Brunjes, R.N. on therapeutic touch, an energy-based healing technique of laying-on-hands that Weinston notes was developed by nurses. Brunjes says it has been used in hospitals and care facilities for the past 35 years.

On March 4, Whidbey physician Brad Weeks will talk about holistic medicine and its approaches to solving chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, digestive disorders and more.

And on March 11, chiropractor Joel Shrut will discuss Kirlian energy photography, which potentially demonstrates evidence suggesting the imaging of energy fields generated by living entities and has often been referred to as aura photography.

"Documentation continues to grow that there is a deeper level of healing we can access," Weinston said.

Future dialogues are booked through the summer and will showcase speakers such as Beverly Graham, who will talk about music and healing.

Weinston also has worked with Bayview School principal Scott Mauk to organize an Alternative Health Day at the school on Feb. 5, when students can learn about chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, yoga, therapeutic touch, the emotional freedom technique, massage and healthy nutrition.

"There is a diversity in the healing arts that allows us to take responsibility for our own well-being," Weinston said. "As we expose ourselves to more and more options, we become inspired from within about our ability to change."

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