Your First Visit

Welcome. At this point you may be finding yourself ready to find out more about receiving care at our office We would like to provide to you with an orientation to how to proceed.

Your First Visit: When you schedule your first visit to our office, you should allow for approximately one hour's time. The doctor will consult with you regarding the current state of your health and well-being, take a health history, and perform an individualized physical examination which may include a specific postural x-ray examination. A report of findings will be scheduled as soon as possible to review the results of your initial intake.

If you would like to save time and download the following New Patient Forms, you can print and fill them out at your convenience, prior to your appointment.

Patient Information
Current Health Status
Body Diagram
Health History
Systems Review
Authorization for Care
Informed Consent
Parent/Minor's Consent
Patient Insurance Information

Hours: The office is open to see regularly scheduled patients on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 8am to 12:00, 2pm to 5:00. Other days/times and emergency appointments are scheduled by speaking with Dr. Weiner personally. Our schedule is customized so that new patients will be scheduled as soon as is possible. Appointments for existing patients including consultations, reports of findings and adjustment times are scheduled for specific times during the day, so please consult with the front desk assistant if you have any questions.

Private Consultations: If you desire a private consultation with the doctor to determine if you wish to move forward with a complete history and examination, please let us know and a no charge 10-15 minute time period will be scheduled for you with the doctor.

Contacting the Doctor: Dr. Craig can be reached by simply calling the office at 360 331 5565 and leaving a message. All messages will be directly and immediately forwarded to him. He will return your call by the end of the business day.

Payment for Services: As a service to our patients, we are a participating provider for, and therefore will bill directly to Medicare and L and I (Labor and Industries). Personal Injury cases are taken on a case-by-case basis. We advise you to know what your insurance benefits and restrictions are. If you have no insurance coverage we will assist you with your financial considerations and review different payment options.

Previous Health Care Provider Records: The doctor may recommend obtaining previous health care records to better assist him in your care. Your request, permission and signature are required for this service to be performed.

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Chiropractic care for me started back in 1981, when the timgle in the arms kept me awake at night, and I have been in chiropractic care in many different states since that day. Some good, some OK, but now fortunately, I have found Dr. Craig. In just 4 months, I feel I'm back on track and I intend to stay that way. Just feeling good everyday, we take for granted, until something hurts or aches. Chiropractic care is for the 'whole' body. Once that concept sinks in you're on the road to wellness.

My wife and I recently retired here on Whidbey Island and hope that Dr. Craig will be around for many years. Selfish? Maybe, but hey! I like to feel well!

Peter Richardson

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