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Money, Money, Money; Is it Really Connected to Everything?


I am writing this on the flight back to beautiful Washington after having spent 10 days in sunny Florida with family. We were visiting for multiple reasons, including celebrating our son's Bar Mitzvah, having a few days vacation in Key West and teaching a Mindfulness Money Mastery Course. Money was a common thread throughout this trip, so I thought I would share some of my reflections on the subject.

It is my belief that money ideally should be like health. I believe that health and wealth or abundance is meant to flow and when we are living in a state of being that is not full of negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs, both aspects of our life benefit and move in a more unrestricted manner. When either of them seem to be continually restricted, it behooves us to look at what we are thinking, believing and feeling that may have some causative or contributary influence on the restriction of its ability to thrive.

Alina and I were teaching along the outskirts of Miami. It was an EFT Universe based course that we designed, integrating a wide combination of techniques, drawing from EFT, employing fun and insightful money games (thanks Vicki and Rozie!), Right Brain Start Up exercises (Thanks Sandra Rodman!), teachings about "money archetypes" (developed by Brent Kessel in his book, It's Not About the Money) and much more to assist people in discovering what beliefs and past experiences might be limiting their ability to create the abundance that they desired in their lives. It was a fascinating journey for everyone as they explored the threads that wove together their money challenges. Many were surprised to find out how relationship failures were intimately connected to their inability to believe that they could succeed in business despite not succeeding in relationships, others discovered longstanding subconscious tapes that were literal recordings of their parents' attitudes towards money that they maintained despite not wanting to be like their parents. Other limitations were dictated by their perspective of their siblings' judgments if they succeeded, by childhood experiences that devalued their self worth and others were ruled by religious and moral perspectives that determined much of their perspective on what they should or should not want or have with regards to a financial state. During the course of the weekend, they discovered that their freedom to express their desire for money (read financial freedom/well-being or abundance or wealth) was tied to every other aspect of their lives in ways they never imagined.

In teaching this work, I have had the privilege of witnessing similar realizations and transformations that occur when people realize how their lack of physical vitality suffers from many of the same negative emotions and beliefs occur resulting from incidents and image makers from their pasts, especially their early childhood. The same could be said for the health of ones close relationships. As much as we try to separate the worlds of money, relationships and health, they are all intimately connected.

In teaching about ways that people behave with regards to money we taught the Kessel money archetypes that include such titles as the Empire Builder, the Innocent, the Saver, the Idealist, the Caretaker, the Star, and other ways ways that people tend to approach their finances. Some people view money as a means for creating their great vision, some with anxiety and worry, some with fear, others with avoidance, etc. Understanding the dominant style with which you approach and handle money, is useful information, especially when it is out of balance and causing suffering to you or your family. The origins of the attitudes and approaches that create behaviors are often found in earlier negative life circumstances that created a belief that then gets reinforced over time. (EFT has shown to be an extremely effectively modality for neutralizing many of these past memories) All of the archetypes can be extremely useful, and when out of kilter, can cause suffering as well.

In an earlier blogpost I wrote about something I call the Noah Effect. It refers to our son Noah's ability to boldly state something he wants to have, and the uncanny ability he has to find a creative way to manifest it, whether it be a new piece of technology, an airport limo ride, or and experience that sparked his interest. What I noticed in our class, and in past ones as well, is how difficult it is for most people to dream big and especially to ask for what they want. Past failures, times in their lives when they were told to "be realistic", repetitive exposures to statements like "money doesn't grow on trees," or "who do you think you are to want that", all have a cumulative effect. I have learned that when children are not dwarfed by these sentiments, it is their natural tendency to ask for what they want without shame or embarrassment and are often more likely to be able to get it. I also believe that when children grow up in a family that is both supportive and encourage creative thinking, the beliefs that are adopted about what is possible are enhanced.

Money is a tricky subject and there are many judgments put upon it. If one can see money in a broader paradigm, as a form of exchange, a type of energy that is continually being transferred, it may help to reduce the tendency to make it black or white, good or bad. If one can look at it like the water in a river that flows, then its increased ability to move creates a greater current-cy, thereby preventing stagnation, and creates the ability to grow crops which holds the potential to feed many, and so forth. Of course its all about finding balance, and that is an individual process.

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Norm Shealy
Norm Shealy, MD
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Galeria Chiropractica Presents: Thursday, July 11, 5-7 PM

"Transcendence; What Lies Beyond the Ordinary Range of Perception" with Marianne Borozny and Karen Leeds

As part of the Bayview Corner Collaborative Walking Art Progressive (we will be serving chocolate dipped strawberries, while Blooms will be pouring Blooms wine, the Queens Buns serving coffee drinks, and "green food" will be served at the old/new Bayview School Green art exhibit.

Borozny"I have been an artist my entire life, demonstrated mainly through teaching, writing, jewelry making, fiber arts, and photography. I have tried to approach the world with my eyes wide open during my 25 years behind the camera. My interests lie in capturing natural light, crystallizing simple forms, and isolating textures. I am always seeking the essence of a scene or an object. On my very best days, I believe I create images that are transcendent."

"One might view my work through my website mborozny.zenfolio.com, through fineartamerica.com, and through various installations and shows on Whidbey Island. I am a member of Whidbey Allied Artists (WAA) and the Pacific NorthWest Art School."
M. Borozny



"I have always admired the work of photographers and enjoyed being the family photographer, it wasn't until moving to Whidbey Island that I picked up my own camera to try and capture the beauty I saw all around me. What I discovered was that although we are surrounded by breathtaking mountains and beautiful vistas, that wasn't where my eye was drawn."

"Rather I am drawn to the play of light and shadow, to textures, patterns and shapes; how they work together and enhance each other. I am much more Leedsinterested in the micro world than the wide panoramas, and although many of my images are of Whidbey Island, they aren't necessarily recognizable as such. The challenge of any artist is to bring the image held in mind into the reality of form. When the mind's eye and the final result are one, the artist is successful."

"My work has been shown at the Greenbank Farm Sunday Market, Friends of Freeland Benefit Art Sale, Whidbey Working Artists Studio Tours, Lavender Wind Farm Artists Invasion and the Coupeville Art Festival. I am a member of the Whidbey Island Camera Club, and Whidbey Allied Artists and have participated in many of the group's shows. I currently have work on display at Gordon's Restaurant in Freeland. To see a more complete portfolio, one can access my Facebook page."
K. Leeds

May your July be blessed with wonderful family time.

"Dr. Craig" Weiner
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