May 25th, 10AM-3PM
Using the Right Side of Your Brain for Thriving Health & Well-Being - Click for Details

Langley Library customers have greatly enjoyed the popular presentations offered by Dr. Craig Weiner, including such topics as an Introduction to Right Brain Aerobics ... After each session we received enthusiastic reviews and we always look forward to having him come back. Highly recommended.

Dr. Craig's 'Introduction to Right-Brain Aerobics' class was one of the best-attended, most popular programs we have offered at the Stanwood Library in a number of years. Dr. Craig is an entertaining and engaging presenter, and the material presented was fascinating. Highest recommendation!
Rob Branigin
Reference Librarian Stanwood Library

Right Brain Aerobics ©

Right Brain Aerobics© is a body of work designed to exercise and enhance creative thought, accelerate problem solving and catalyze innovative idea generation through advanced brain and consciousness training. By developing new right brain building skills and integrating right brain-left brain synergy to achieve transformed whole brain thinking, you are better able to tap your own higher intelligence for your life and career. The techniques are diverse, enjoyable to perform and powerfully simple. The ease of immediate application of this work will transform any arena of your life from business idea generation, to creative writing applications, to relationship problem solving and much more. There really is no end to the 'apps' for which these techniques can be 'downloaded'.

Right Brain Aerobics is the brainchild of Sandra Rodman, CEO. Her life exemplifies what an integrated whole brain approach to critical thinking looks like when right and left brain qualities are integrated. At 70 years old she blends seven decades of experience in universes as diverse as vice president at Merrill Lynch, author, actor and screen writer, executive at the non-profit Phoenix House Foundation, programs designer and trainer in the fields of communications, management consulting, technology innovations and therapeutic communities.

Benefits to learning RBA include:
  • More techniques for creative-innovative-intuitive-sharper thinking at every level, better strategic and critical thinking, any industry or discipline.
  • Techniques for stress reduction, calming the mind, less anxiety -- which can improve health and communication.
  • Pulling for genius at every level of organizations -- in career and personal life.
  • Better mental concentration, strategic & interpretive thinking ability, environmental/symbol awareness.
  • Setting the bar higher for human achievement.
Right Brain Aerobics© can be learned in a multitude of formats.
  1. Private RBA Coaching with Dr Weiner: personalized coaching is provided in person, over the telephone or on Skype. Sessions are designed to clarify desired goals, instruct clients in powerful exercises to assist them in achieving chosen outcomes and providing support during the process. Initial Session is 75 minutes in duration and cost is $175. Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes in length and cost $100.
  2. RBA Level 1 and Level 2 Workshops: Workshops are currently being offered in the Seattle Puget Sound region with an expanding geographical area locations to be announced for 2013. These workshops begin with the learning of the Right Brain Start Up for daily use and expand into mental focus and stress reduction, breakthrough thinking, intuition and supersensory perception, creativity and innovation development and more. These workshops are offered in one day formats often with a focus on subjects such as RBA and Creative Writing, RBA and Entrepreneurial Idea Generation, RBA and Problem Solving, etc.
  3. Introductory 90 minute RBA Lectures are available for community groups and non-profit institutions. Cost: $250
  4. Corporate and Institutional RBA Trainings are designed to create a different approach to strategy implementation, develop "right" brainstorming, spark unique idea generation, and enhance problem solving, developing new campaigns, breaking log jams, rethinking competition, build team and inter-team collaboration, boost productivity, jump-starting creativity, getting past design blocks and sparking passion among workers and management. Click HERE to find further information on corporate RBA trainings.
Further Right Brain Aerobics Resources including updated class list, articles, testimonials and more can be found at:
  1. www.rightbrainaerobics.com
  2. rightbrainblogs.blogspot.com


HaroldNet 11/08/13 Article:
"Exercise course focuses on right side of brain"

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